“They took the stress out of the whole process!”
– Kristen and Tony P.

Sometimes one feels stressed or overwhelmed by things, items, or clutter that has accumulated over the course of our lives. I needed help when my husband and I were faced with both a downsizing move and the pre-move organizing that required. For us, Deb and YOA were THE ANSWER for both challenges! I would recommend Deb for many reasons! She’s professional, pleasant and takes the time to answer your questions and truly listen to your needs. She provides a clear plan, then helps you execute it to a successful conclusion. I appreciate her punctuality, preparation and words of encouragement. She never makes you feel uneasy with the amount of things that we all accrue in closets or drawers. Plus, in the process, I learned new organizational skills I will keep using into the future! We also used her unique 3D space planning services and it made a very positive difference in our decision process of what we could take to our new home. Decisions are easier to make when someone, who is an expert, guides you through them with kindness, thoughtfulness and a great sense of humor! When our move day came, it went smoothly under Deb’s leadership. Everything was ready by the end of the day in our new home. Movers followed her directions, boxes were unpacked and items were placed correctly in each room. Once we felt a little more settled in, she returned to hang art and other décor. She's very precise and brings proper tools to complete this task. Thanks to her and YOA, my husband and I are finally feeling at home in our new retirement community. I would highly recommend Deb and her services to others! Don't hesitate to call her for help with your organizational or downsizing needs. She’s the BEST!!!


Deb is the best! Even my son asked, "How did she do that?" He's 10! I had a lot of clutter and I am battling genetic “pack-rat-tism”. My organizing skill set was lost at 18. I won't say how long I have been accumulating stuff, but apparently, considering the workload Deb had, at least 10-30 years! I recommend YOUR ORGANIZING ANSWER for all your organizing needs. No matter how big or small, it will get done quickly, easily and efficiently! Whether it is your garage or your 10 year old's room that is out of control, she can handle it!

Chris D.

"Deborah Moyer and her YOA staff are treasures. Intelligent, helpful, organized assistance in the complex and often overwhelming process of downsizing. Deborah helped us determine what furniture we could take in our move which required a downsizing of over 50%. She created a floorplan for our new home which is gracious and functional, using many pieces we had, and advising us on what pieces would be most useful to acquire. Her followup and creative problem solving is much appreciated. She makes great chocolate chip cookies!"

Candace & Roy S.

"Money well spent!

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing “Your Organizing Answer” to move my elderly parents from an independent living apartment into an assisted living apartment. Having personally traveled from CT alone to coordinate this move I was in dire need of assistance. I contacted Deborah Moyer of "Your Organizing Answer" and she returned my call promptly. We arranged to meet at my parents apartment to discuss the details and I was immediately impressed with Deborah’s professionalism and attention to details. I felt that Deborah’s pricing to pack, coordinate the move with a local moving company, unpack and setup the new apartment was very reasonable, so I hired her.

The day prior to the actual physical move Deborah arrived on time with two delightful helpers. Deborah and her crew were dressed professionally and presentable. They arrived with all of the necessary materials and did a superb job of packing and protecting all of our items, including dozens of very valuable paintings. The following day for the move Deborah and her crew arrived again on time with the movers. The move went flawlessly and Deborah went out of her way to help me with anything additional I required, including moving several items into a storage closet located in another part of the facility. She also hauled away and delivered a number of items to a local donation drop-off. My whole experience with Deborah was fantastic! Communication before, during and after the move between Deborah and myself was excellent! Will I use “Your Organizing Answer” again? YOU BET I WILL!!!!"

B. Cole

"After my father passed away, we decided that my Mom should move back to Texas.  My Mom was overwhelmed with not only the passing of my Dad, but the thought of moving clear across the country.  I was in Texas and didn’t know how I could be of help to my Mother.  It dawned on me that what we needed was help from a professional organizer.

I looked on the internet and found “Your Organizing Answer” which was located close to my Mother’s home.  Deborah Moyer, the owner, was a God-send!  She understood just what my Mother and I were facing.  I hired Deborah to help my Mom go through things and help her decide what she wanted to ship and what she wanted to leave for an estate sale. Deborah was patient, but gently helped keep my Mom on task.  I should mention that my Mom is 89 years old and sight impaired and she needed a really special person to assist her.

I told Deborah that I was leaving everything up to her and she was up to the challenge. Deborah helped my Mom go through her paperwork and decide what to shred and what to keep. She also packed items for my Mom, took inventory, and shipped boxes for her.  When I would call and Deborah was there, my Mom was in a great mood and told me how she and Deborah were laughing and having a good time while making progress – this was a lot better than when I called before we hired Deborah and my Mom was in tears.

I would sincerely recommend anyone faced with any organizational challenges to check out what “Your Organizing Answer” can do for them.  I know from personal experience that we could not have made the move as easily if it had not been for Deborah!

R. Boyer

"For the record, I do not provide endorsement letters since I very seldom find individuals and/or organizations that I am willing to stake my reputation upon. In this case, the exception was made based upon the extraordinary service that we received from Ms. Moyer and her staff at Your Organizing Answer (YOA) in association with relocating our home.

From the first meeting, Ms. Moyer and her staff were always on time and always prepared to address any and every question and/or concern that we had. The price for their services was most reasonable and they did exactly as they proposed in all phases of the move. Their packing expertise was amazing. Based upon career changes, we have moved six times in the past two decades and on several occasions the move was facilitated by internationally recognized, professional corporate relocation organizations. The relocation facilitated by YOA is the ONLY move in which NOTHING was broken, lost and/or misplaced. Perfection on the part of YOA!  The unpacking process was spot on. Everything was placed exactly where we had requested and the packing list, evidencing the exact items in each box, provided by Ms. Moyer was flawless.

Prior to our recent move, we interviewed numerous relocation and moving organizations. None compared to the professional and responsive service that we received from YOA. Should another relocation be required, we will without hesitation utilize their services again!"

William F.

"Deborah, once again, I want to thank you for all the help you and your team gave us in moving my mother-in-law to assisted living. You were not only super organized and professional, you were kind, patient and wonderfully calming on those occasions I was ready to rip my hair out!  I don't know how we would have managed without you and I'm just glad we didn't have to.  We can't recommend you highly enough and wish you all the best!"

Linda and Brian F.

"Deborah Moyer, the owner, and her team are outstanding!!! 5 stars is not enough for them! I currently work as the Move-In Coordinator for a retirement community with about 250 apartments. I ALWAYS recommend Your Organizing Answer to families for their moving/packing/space planning needs. After every move, families always thank me for recommending Deborah Moyer. They are VERY thorough and professional. I will forever use/recommend Your Organizing Answer!

Shaun M.

"If 10 STARS were an option, Your Organizing Answer deserves it!  Unexpectedly, last month I had to move my parents from their house into a retirement community. The retirement community recommended Deborah and her company. They are professional, caring, empathetic, show up on time, communicate and follow through. If anyone says you cannot move your parents from their house into a retirement community in 2.5 weeks and have their house empty, let me know. Deborah and her team did and followed through on everything. I highly recommend their services and do not know what I would have done without them. Thank you! 10 STARS!!"

John C.

A lucky twist of fate led me to Deborah Moyer and "Your Organizing Answer" and I recommend her highly! Deborah is efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in countless ways in our move to Arizona. She listened to our needs, helped us with internet advertising, did 3-D projections of our new rooms with furniture in them so that we know where we will be placing our furniture even before we leave here, and made us a day-by-day, very comprehensive schedule to follow so that we didn't forget any details.  In addition to all the above, she is very pleasant and easy to work with and will make your transition much easier.

Lynn and Bob W.

What a pleasure it was to work with you on our mother’s recent move from her home to assisted living. It was such a fraught time for her, and for us, given the recent death of her husband – our beloved father. Your excellent organizational skills make for a seamless transition, while your kind, thoughtful attentions to our mother ensured that she was able to remain on an even emotional keel.  Everything – from the pre-move consultation to determine what articles would be moved, to your assistance with the floor plan for furniture placement, to the final touches of picture hanging – was simply perfect!

And my goodness – you were quick! Everything was packed up on day one and moved into place on day two.  We received your call that everything was ready around 4:00 pm on day two. We found that her apartment was completely ready for her – clothes in closets and dressers, beds made, furniture in place, towels hanging in bathroom, working lamps on tables, kitchenette cabinets organized, food in fridge – you are a miracle worker!

There was absolutely no way we could have effected this move without you. We were so fortunate to have your expert assistance; you have our utmost gratitude.

The Morel Family

I'm surprised to find that I did not leave a 5* review from 2014!  Deborah and her team helped to move my mother to assisted living then - they did a great job moving and retained all the records.  When I needed help a second time to move her to memory care, Deborah charged a minimal amount to help plan the new space and provided all the previous inventory records which was a tremendous help in getting everything organized.  Deborah also recommended movers and they did an excellent job as well - I just left them a 5* review too!

Ray F.

Your Organizing Answer saved the day for us in our moving challenge. Deborah had great ideas we would not have even thought of for the placement of our furniture.  Her 3D computer space plan showed our furniture to scale and saved us a lot of stress. Do yourself a favor and hire her to reduce the 'moving stress'!

Rod H.

To those of you who are either recently moved or are planning to move, I have news for you! Having been in that exact place, I can sympathize with your concerns. Was new in the area, didn't have resources and didn't know where to begin with my one bedroom apartment. The place was filled with unpacked boxes and I had lived with it that way for several months until I was told by my community concierge that there was an excellent organizer, Deborah Moyer, who was familiar with the problem and had helped many people in the area. I immediately got on her waiting list.

At our first meeting, I gave her an idea of what my vision was for the apartment. After assessing my issues and goals, she gave me specific solutions and suggestions for items I should shop for. It was a great help to me to have that information before beginning to shop.

She recently came back to help me finish the last of my mission. Just like the first time, she greatly exceeded my expectations.  She gave me more ideas for my tough storage problems and more resource suggestions for the last items I needed.  She has had many years of experience and cheerfully attacks any problem you have. She is upbeat, efficient and works rapidly.

May you realize your dreams of a lovely place to downsize to, as I did. Don't be afraid of getting rid of things you no longer use. You won't even miss them!

Colene S.

Your Organizing Answer was just what we needed with our move. Downsizing is a good thing and Deborah Moyer was the right person at the right time to help with this undertaking! She was frank, honest and inspirational for a smooth move. Ms. Moyer was recommended to me. I highly recommend her to others!

Faye and John B.

I was overwhelmed with the clutter and organization of my garage and house and hired Your Organizing Answer. I loved Deborah the second we met!  She is sweet, very organized and had great ideas instantly! It felt it was more like we were two best friends having a party while working together.

Deborah helped me completely demolish our garage and turned it into a functional, organized space for our family. Now my kids have lockers for their sports and school gear so I don't have to see it all over the house!  Heaven! Our bikes are hung out of the way and we have new shelves and a fitness wall for all my personal training equipment.

We also reorganized my pantry, closets and so much more! Deborah also takes all the things you want to donate for you and brings back the donation receipt. What a life saver! She gets in there, works hard, doesn't ever judge and makes life clutter-free! I am so grateful to Deborah and couldn't have done it without her!

Cindy W.

When my 88 year old mother decided it was time to move from her 3 bedroom home into a one bedroom independent living facility, I was shocked! Then Mom told me she was using a moving specialist and I said “a what and why? You have me and the boys!” Well, the boys (my two wonderful brothers and my husband) were of little help.

As it turns out...Mother DOES know best!! Deborah was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She knows when to jump in and also when to back off. She has the perfect temperament to work with seniors and family members of all ages. Deborah was there for me personally when, during Mom's move, I accidentally dropped a Waterford decanter that Mom had hand carried from Ireland during her travels with her beloved husband. I was devastated because I broke one of my Mothers cherished memories. Deborah was there to pick up the pieces, both me and the decanter, and Mom took it extremely well. My Mother has many, many beautiful treasures and Deborah took extreme care of each and every item, as though they were hers.

Not to mention, on the day of the move, Deborah arrived with fresh homemade muffins, to make sure we were well nourished. Once the bedroom furniture arrived, Deborah helped us make the best use of space, but was MOST concerned about Mom’s safety. I can never thank Deborah enough! Deborah is a gem and an expert in her field, both as a senior move manager and an organizer. I could never imagine moving without her! EVER!

Judee T.

I just wanted to write some words of appreciation for your outstanding service! It's not just about packing up the dishes! It's about your amazing service to senior clientel and their families! You take complete charge of the downsizing challenge with a kind approach and helped us make the appropriate decisions...you made us feel 'at home again'!

Marion W.

Deborah recently moved my 88 year old father when he downsized from his home to a duplex. She exceeded expectations in every way.  My father and I were amazed by how easy she made everything on moving day.   Dad changed his mind at the last minute, so that there were considerably more items to move than he had originally planned.  Deborah rose to the occasion, hired another helper, a larger van, and managed to complete the whole move in four hours.  We spent the rest of the day singing her praises.  Dad kept saying, "What an angel!" Deborah is super organized, cheerful, and flexible.  She has a great sense of humor, smiles a lot and her services are very competitively priced! I recommend her services no matter what your age or moving situation. Ten stars!

G. Nudelman

Deborah is a remarkable person who couldn't have selected a better business service to offer. With the senior population continuing to grow, there is an increased need for professionals who really take the time to see beyond the possessions and discern the heart of the matter when it comes to downsizing.

Often it's about loss of independence, memories that are cherished too much to part with, and sometimes anguish at a chapter of their lives closing. Deborah is able to skillfully navigate through all of these situations and make her clients feel at ease, trust her guidance, and to bring them safely to their new destination, be it a senior community or another home.

As the Executive Director of a new community there are so many things to juggle and one of the largest of those is customer service success. With so many potential things that could go wrong or complications that could arise, it is always a relief to know that people with whom we partner will be a failsafe when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. This is exactly what Deborah has done over the course of the last year as we have moved a myriad of residents into our community.

I never worried about how the move would go or any of the other details because without exception she was always right on point. From their initial move consultation to the homemade muffins she brought them on their moving day, every detail was carefully planned out and executed for our residents. I cannot recommend her highly enough and remain grateful for the integral part she played in successfully launching our new community.

Leslie Q.

I guess 'Amazing Grace' begins my experience with Deborah Moyer...after recently losing my husband to a battle with Leukemia, enters this kind and compassionate person to assist with several of my moves.  She is always top of the line with her knowledge, efficiency and depths of experience in her work. Space planning, downsizing, moving, personal shopping for new furniture and remodeling materials... Her biggest gift is working with right brainers to function in a left brain world. She is above and beyond!

Carolyn B.

Deborah did a fantastic job helping me with my overwhelming paper clutter at my home. She was very professional, prompt, caring, helpful, and nonjudgmental.

I highly recommend her and will hire her services in the future.

Jane S.

We appreciated your being in charge of our move. We have moved many times over the years with company and individual packers and movers, but our experience with you has been most satisfactory! Downsizing, necessary for our moving to an Independent Living Community, was made so much easier with your help. Your 3D floor plan showing the furniture in each room  allowed us to know what furnishings we could take and what we shouldn't. The labeling and numbering of the moving boxes allowed for a more efficient un-pack and placement of the furnishings. We thank you for your counseling and friendship during this time of change in our lives. We wish you continued success in your needed business.

Farley and Mary M.

As a residential specialist for a senior retirement community, I knew that I needed to find the perfect transition solution for my new residents who were moving into our community. Many were expressing the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious with the move process and did not have local friends or family to assist them. They needed someone they could trust to help sift through years of accumulation in their existing residence and determine what would fit into a smaller and more manageable home here in our community.

I found that solution in Deborah Moyer and her company Your Organizing Answer.  She is a professional with high integrity, as well as being patient, efficient, innovative and extremely competent.   I have watched my client’s breathe a sigh of relief knowing that she will be with them every step of the way!  She has excellent rapport with people of all ages and I have witnessed her jobs actually being fun and relaxing in what can be a chaotic experience at best!

If you refer to Webster’s definition of the word “Miracle Worker”, the definition reads: An extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment…….Deborah Moyer’s name, along with her professional and competent team at Your Organizing Answer, should be right next to it!  Thank you Deb, for delivering our happy new residents to us with kid gloves!

Judy M.

Thanks Deborah! You and your team did a wonderful job. I don't know how I could have done this move for my Mom without you! I really appreciate your kind, caring and compassionate attitude! You all not only were able to move her physically, but also offered emotional support. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else that might need your services!

C. H.

The realization that the time has come for your beloved parent to leave their home for a more secure environment, can be slow and painful - for both of you.  Planning a move at this stage in life can be overwhelming, just the anticipation of this process was daunting for both myself, as well as my mother.  Especially so,  because in our case, I had to plan every stage of the move from 2000 miles away!

Enter, Deborah Moyer, founder of Your Organizing Answer, and my own personal lifesaver.  How best to praise her?  Well, let me say that what I had absolutely dreaded was actually fun.  Yes, fun.  You might ask if that is even possible - how can packing and moving be fun?  Easy, just hire Deborah! She will handle every detail, if that is what you require.

My move out plan for my Mom was complicated and multi-faceted, but was no problem for Your Organizing Answer.  Well in advance of move out week, while I was still in Wisconsin, Deborah and I had sketched out our attack plan so that when I arrived at my mother's home Deb was there to meet me the very next day to review our packing needs.

Two days before our move out was scheduled, Deborah arrived in her van with all the necessary packing materials needed, there were no last minute runs to the back of the local supermarket to rummage through the discarded corrugated produce boxes, if you know what I mean!

"Gee, one of the armoire door panels is not closing properly...what should we do Deborah", I asked.  With that, she momentarily interrupted her packing (at that point some 30 boxes and counting to my own 5 boxes packed), and went to fetch her very well organized and complete tool kit from the back of her van.  In no time at all, she had removed the hardware to source out a replacement screw.  The next day she replaced the hardware with a new screw.  All part of her customized can-do service.

Moving day arrived and I had Deborah by my side, to supervise the movers and to load up her own van - this time empty and ready to be filled.  She then drove more than 3 hours to the move in location, unloaded her van first, which she had very cleverly filled with the kitchen boxes, (she has her proven methods), and got to work unpacking EVERY BOX.

It was a very long day for all of us, and then Deb had a 3 hour drive back home.  And still she was smiling and lovely.  Unbelievable lady and unbelievable service.

Thank you, Deborah, for creating Your Organizing Answer.  It is more than obvious that you are committed to excellence and that you truly care about each and every client.

With my sincere appreciation,

Dale S.

After making the decision to move to Albuquerque after 40 years in California, we knew it would be difficult given my husband’s medical problems and physical limitations.  Our children live out of the area and I knew I couldn’t do it all on my own. Previously, Deborah Moyer had helped us organize, purge, pack and move to a nearby rental after we sold our home.  Knowing that we would be moving again, and probably out of the area, Deb packed infrequently-used items for a long-distance move avoiding the need to pack them again, saving us time and money.

When it came time to make the move to Albuquerque, Deb agreed to travel to Albuquerque to facilitate the delivery and un-packing.  She masterminded everything.  She helped dispose of unwanted furniture and appliances, coordinated with the mover and arranged for a car to be shipped.  To minimize stress on my husband, we left for Albuquerque while Deb supervised the movers and took care of “little” things like dropping off the cable box and meeting with our landlord for the walk-through.  And then she got on a plane, arriving in Albuquerque in time to supervise the movers and to unpack!  We do missing seeing Deb as she became a wonderful part of our lives.

Lew and Jill G.

Thank you for  all your help during our move to Montana. Your honesty, dependability and precision packing are great! You are very easy to work with, prompt with your responses and helpful even after the move was completed. We appreciated your knowledge on all aspects of moving and far exceeded our expectations by making it possible to move on schedule only two weeks after our home sold. After that long trip to Montana, we were delighted to find that not a single packed item was damaged. We highly recommend you to others and consider you a friend!

Ed and Lynn A.

Thank you for the exceptional services you provided my mom during her move to Assisted Living.  It was a "Dream Move".  Having been through the first move/down sizing with her and doing all the work myself, I so greatly appreciated everything you did.  You were truly a blessing.  You brought a tremendous amount of "calmness" to a situation that can be extremely sensitive and highly charged, but more importantly, extremely devastating to an older person.  Thank you for your wisdom and your care with my mother.  You showed great patience which gave her a great sense of peace.  Thank you Deborah!

Anne L.

Downsizing and moving after 8 years of accumulation is no fun…until Deborah Moyer and her staff of Your Organizing Answer came to the rescue. They took the stress out of the whole process. They helped us decide what options were best for furniture and items we could no longer use, including consignment, Craigslist, garage sale or charitable donation. They even remove and recycle their materials after the move! We loved how they inventoried each box as they packed so that moving day was a breeze, not to mention the unpacking process. We would highly recommend Your Organizing Answer for your next move!

Kristen and Tony P.

...Thank you Deborah for all of your help during my out-of-state move! Most of all, your positive attitude was greatly appreciated and very comforting. I especially appreciated your computer savey! Thanks!

Elaine K.

"If you want a move that goes efficiently, smoothly and pleasantly, this is your company! The staff, led by Deborah, are careful, friendly and very helpful. They make moving less exhausting. This is a very special organization! You are great!"

Pat and Nancy S.

Efficient - Helpful - Kind - On Time...You are the Organizing Answer! I can't thank you enough!

Carolyn B.

It was a great joy for us to have had the assistance of Your Organizing Answer for our move. Deborah Moyer and her move team did an outstanding job for us, which was highly professional and yet very friendly, as they became like one of the family. She and Jill were a God-send to us...actually a miracle! We can't think of any way they could have improved on their wonderful service.

Bill and Betty J.

Deborah and her team recently helped my mother downsize from a house to a senior retirement apartment. When she showed up at the door to meet with us for the first time to go over the contents of my mother's home and what we were up against, I knew that we were in good hands. She made us feel comfortable right away and like we were all on an adventure together. Deborah and her team were efficient and tireless and always had a sense of humor or a comforting word when things got stressful for my mother and I.  I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone for an organizing answer whether it be downsizing or packing up for a move. She is good at what she does, and she gets the job done as seamlessly as possible. I couldn't have tackled this big of a move without her.  Thank you Deborah!!!!

Dyana R.

“Thanks to you Deborah and your very special crew! You were all so helpful and accommodating. We enjoyed the whole experience!"

Jack & Valerie

“We are delighted with the easy and cordial way you handled our move, including the pre-move process. Your team was both efficient and friendly throughout the whole process. We found, to our delight, that our furniture and goods were not only moved, but with skillful placement in the best spots in our new home. Even our clothes were hung carefully (and in better order than at our previous home). We are happy to share our experience with others who need these services.”

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S.

Thank you Deborah so much for your great organizing help in re-making my home office! What a transformation!  You listened to what my goals were, what my budget was and you made a silk purse out of a sow's ear! You did it on time and with a great sense of humor!  Now I feel so much more comfortable when I come to my work space and when I'm working. No more clutter- there's a place for everything and everything looks fabulous! I won't hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues and my clients!

Sydney K.

“A miracle second only to the parting of the Red Sea…Deborah and her team transformed the impossible into the easy.  When Mom, who is 87, decided to move from her large golf course-view home, into a quaint retirement community apartment and scheduled the move in 10 days, I never dreamed it could really happen.

Deborah suggested an initial space planning meeting. She arrived with a lap-top computer pre-loaded with the floor plan of Mom’s new place.  We worked together to select specific furniture for each room and voila!! -- she provided us with both a bird’s eye and a 3-dimensional view on the spot.  On packing day, Deborah gently guided Mom regarding the practical space limitations offered by her new lifestyle and encouraged her in enthusiastically and confidently making choices.

Move day couldn’t have happened more smoothly and it quickly became apparent that Deborah and her team have handled numerous clients.  She had considered everything down to the smallest, yet important details. For example, she brought a cooler to transport refrigerator items, thought to keep careful tabs on easily misplaced items like remote controls and phones, and made sure essentials such as Mom’s medicines and toothbrush were available throughout the move.  Her team took a personal interest in Mom and gave lots of care, love and petting to Mom’s beloved Chihuahua.

The details of Deborah’s professionalism are numerous and listing all of them would require a novel, not a few paragraphs.  In summary I believe the whole family was handled with the perfect blend of practical advice, efficiency and much-needed emotional reassurance. Her team was our organizing answer. I am pleased to give an unqualified recommendation to anyone in need of Deborah’s services.”

Lee S.

How can you improve on such perfection? For me, you had the sense of humor that was needed during my move. The team with their happy smiles, compassion and humor pleased me every step of the way…you made it a home for me with everything put away, it was the icing on the cake! Many, many thanks and then some! You will be highly recommended!

R. Tebo

“Thank you for all you and your terrific crew did to give us an easy and successful move!  Your help with the consignment shop was invaluable! Thanks for all the time you spent in planning for our move!”

Mr. and Mrs. Jim W.

Thanks again...You made moving as pleasant as possible under very stressful circumstances!

Miriam B.

We recently had to move our 95 year old mother into a smaller place after my step dad died.  It was obviously a very difficult time.  Deborah and her team could not have been more empathetic, supportive and just plain fabulous!  They were very sensitive to my mother's needs and did everything to make sure that what they were doing was exactly what she wanted.  They packed everything very quickly and efficiently.

Then one of her team members gave us a handful of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons out of her own car to use because we needed to replace some of Mom's stuff. I can't say enough great things about their service. They are the best transitions/moving company I have ever worked with (and I've moved more than 15 times in my life)! I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

Rusty D.

We were excited to sell our house but the thought of moving was daunting. Your Organizing Answer’s Deborah Moyer did much more than get us through the move – she relieved our stress and became a friend.

Long before the move date, Deb worked with us to organize all of our papers in a simple, easy-to-maintain system. Un-needed documents were shredded for security purposes, while no-longer-used clothing and household items were donated. She even researched consignment stores in the area to see what the best option was for the furniture and china that we wanted to sell. Deborah provided the packing materials, packing and unpacking services (including a detailed inventory list and clearly labeled boxes) as well as complete 'mover oversight' on move day.

In addition, she used special 3D space planning software to help us determine what would fit in our new home and where it would go. On move day, Deb taped color printouts of each room’s layout and furnishings so that the movers could quickly and accurately place furniture.

By the end of the second day after our move, Deb had everything unpacked, extra towel bars were in place, pictures were hung and all the packing materials were removed. We were home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lew G.

Your Organizing Answer came highly recommended for our downsizing and move. Deborah and her team were terrific--honest, kind and truly fun to work with--it felt more like family and friends helping us move. Deborah was diligent in checking to see our needs were met throughout the process and after the move was complete she ensured all unwanted packing materials were removed and recycled. Your Organizing Answer really helped take the stress out of moving.


My family chose the services of Deborah Moyer of Your Organizing Answer to help relocate my 86-year old father from a home he had lived in for nearly 40 years after my mother suffered a catastrophic stroke.  Deborah was professional, caring and missed no detail of this stressful transition for him.  Not only did she "hold all of our hands" during this difficult time, but she went above and beyond any of our expectations...even helping us to select appropriate furniture and how to maximize the space of a much smaller home than my father was used to.

In addition, Deborah also handled many of the tedious details of the move like shredding personal documents, taking items to be donated to the appropriate organizations, supplying packing materials, organizing filing systems and many other services one forgets about in the big picture of a move!  I would not hesitate to use Deborah and Your Organizing Answer's services for a future move and we are so grateful to have found her!

Wendy T.

Moving out of a 4,600 SF home is no small feat! We were so overwhelmed with the magnitude of all that we had acquired during our years in that house that we could not have made it through without your help!  We love your 3D computer program that allowed us to visualize things in our new home and helped us see what would fit and what we needed to get rid of. Having one key person to oversee the entire moving process was wonderful! We wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone that is downsizing!

Shirley R.

Your Organizing Answer went above and beyond fulfilling my organizing needs. Deborah has a special talent for not only motivating you into freeing yourself from clutter...she also understands what a daunting task it can be. She is the consummate professional! She makes organizing and space planning fun! Thank you Deborah! I will use your company again and again!

Kim F.

When the time comes for you to relocate and un-clutter your life, turn to Deborah and "Your Organizing Answer" for invaluable help.  You will feel a mountain lifted from your shoulders with all that this experienced organization wizard will give you!  Don't let the trauma of downsizing weigh you down!  Contact "Your Organizing Answer" and breathe a sigh of relief!

Jo Ray


Your Organizing Answer provides services in the city of Florence, Oregon.

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