Transitions Life Coaching

Life changes can be overwhelming, but I can help you master any transition with clarity, confidence and joy!

We all have turning points in our life...These are the moments when something in our life suddenly and significantly shifts in a very meaningful or powerful way, but usually doesn’t feel all that comfortable or positive when you are in the midst of it. Change is inevitable though and it can be a real opportunity for us to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually throughout our lives.  It can also feel scary, isolating, confusing, frustrating and painful when you are deep in the experience and changes also usually arrive at a time when we feel we are the least prepared for it.

These shifts can include experiences like a major downsizing move, being a new parent, a divorce or other changing intimate or familial relationship, experiencing a loss of a spouse, becoming an ‘empty nester’ or being pulled toward making a significant mid-life career shift.

What is a Transitions Life Coach?

A qualified transitions coach provides you with the safe space, tools and support you need when facing a life challenge so you can start to build a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

Part of my personal coaching process includes a tool called ‘Energy Leadership’.  Energy Leadership isn’t complicated or intimidating. It’s as simple as learning to be aware of how our thoughts and long-held beliefs positively or negatively affect our daily ‘emotional energy’, which in turn drives every action and decision we make.  Think about it. When you are low energy or feeling angry, what kinds of decisions do you tend to make while in that emotional state?  Are they positive, proactive or peaceful? Usually not. 

My coaching clients say using Energy Leadership allowed them to finally see how limiting beliefs (that they weren’t even consciously aware of), were interfering with things like their ability to handle stress or communicate effectively at home or work.  It gave them a more tangible ‘language’ to describe and understand their emotional energy at any given moment of the day, so they could actively shift out of an unwanted energy state and into a more positive, productive one. 


How Can Life Coaching and Energy Leadership Help Me?

In working with me, we would use Energy Leadership to help you identify the areas in your life you want to change or address.

Then we do the work to identify the ‘why’ behind the emotional triggers that you are experiencing in those situations (at work, with family, at home or just learning more about yourself as a human being). Once you understand the ‘why’ behind your behaviors, and of others around you, you can then finally gain the clarity, confidence and empowerment you need to move forward in a proactive way. 

So, if you have been frustrated with thoughts, beliefs or old behavior patterns that no longer serve you, we can work together to give you the tools to leave those disruptive patterns behind, once and for all, to live a much happier, healthier and fulfilled life.   


Your Organizing Answer provides services in the city of Florence, Oregon.

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