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NEW!!! Senior Retirement/Care Housing Guidance - A Place for Mom

Who do you call when a loved one can't live on their own any longer or have had a serious health event and you need help finding the right housing and care services for your parent or parents?

I called A Place for Mom and was happy I did.  Their local elder care advisors help families find the right solutions for their family member's unique care and housing needs.  Click hereto learn more about how 'A Place for Mom' can help you like they did with my family.

Are you prepared if you were to lose a loved one? Most of us will agree that it's time well spent in planning for important life moments like college for our kids, saving for a home or retirement.  But, have you spent time in planning to make sure your family would be adequately prepared to handle your affairs when you die? 

Lynn Lambrecht's 'The Living' is a great place to start! She believes, as I do, that it is truly a gift to our loved ones when we are organized and document our wishes and personal, financial and legal information in a clear and organized way. 

Lynn provides "Get Started Now" one-on-one packages and also provides workshops for organizations.  For additional information contact her via email: 


One of the most difficult issues facing our seniors
and their families
today is making
decisions regarding important legal issues such as  advance health care decisions, wills, estate planning and related documents, insurance rights for the elderly, long term care financing options, how to report eldercare abuse, etc. For free information on these topics and more, click on 'Legal Resources for the Elderly' by 1-800


Don't know if downsizing is the right choice for you or your family? Check out this 'Downsizing Proves Desirable' article by Vickie Dellaquila for tips on evaluating when, how or if you should downsize 

Feeling overwhelmed trying to help an older family member or friend move? Read '10 Tips to Help Older Adults Move' by Diane Schmidt/ Guide

'When Possessions Lead to Paralysis'(The New Old Age Blog by Paula Span - New York Times) Are possessions an obstacle to seniors living better lives?

Concerned about the safety and mobility of a senior family member or friend? Click Here for a great article on 'How to Overcome Mobility Challenges for Seniors Living at Home' by G. Flowers/1 Call Bath Solutions

What's a Senior Move Specialist? Check out this article for answers on this unique industry


Looking for a senior move manager in your local area? Check out the National Association of Senior Move Managers for a national directory of move management specialists.


Keeping Loved Ones Safe on The Road - Are you concerned about a senior family or friend who may have driving safety issues? Click Here for an article by AARP (9/09)  which offers tips on assessing unsafe driving habits, suggestions on how to communicate your concerns to your senior family member or friend as well as ways to keep your loved one safe. 


Article by Senior Housing News

Looking for a local Geriatric Care Manager? 


'What is Elder Abuse?" Click Here to find out more about the warning signs, risk factors and what you can do to prevent Elder Abuse in your community. Article by 


Top Five Questions To Ask An Assisted Living FacilityPost by Libby Mullen - RetireLife Blog - 8/10


Click Here for information on differences between Senior Housing Options. 

The Upside of Downsizing - Article Source By Ellen J. Martin/McClatchy-Tribune
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Facts about Alzheimers Disease

Questions about what
Medicare covers for skilled nursing care? Click Here!


Need Moving Box Supplies? Try U-Haul's easy to order online customizable moving kits! Free delivery direct to your home on any orders over $25 or Costco.comfor great deals on Moving Box Sets with Free Delivery.


Nursing Home Evictions: Know Your Rights! Article Source By Jack Helpern/My Elder Advocate- Posted 10/18/09


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