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“If you want to be happy, put your effort into controlling the sail, not the wind” – Anonymous

Turning Points

           Master Change with Clarity, Confidence & Joy!

We all have turning points in our life...

These are the moments when our life course suddenly and significantly shifts in a very meaningful and powerful way, but usually doesn’t feel all that comfortable or positive when you are in the middle of experiencing it.  If you are in the midst of a turning point such as a downsizing move, a divorce or end of a relationship, experienced a loss of a spouse or any other serious life transition, I'm here to help! 

Life transitions can be the launching pads for us to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually throughout our lives, but they can also feel scary, isolating, confusing, frustrating and painful in the process. They also usually arrive in our life when we feel we are the least prepared for ‘it’.  

As a Certified Life Coach specializing in Life Transitions and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, I help my clients (of all ages) move proactively through their challenging life transitional experience, providing them with the safe space, tools, support and confidence to address and manage the challenges that are keeping them from creating or experiencing a more fulfilling, joyful life.   

Is this resonating with you? Feeling like you are in a state of transition or currently going through a 'turning point' of your own?  Are you…
  • Experiencing major changes in your life in an important relationship (i.e. marriage, divorce, death of a family member or spouse) or life phase (i.e. new parent, shifting careers, retirement, empty-nester, a senior who is downsizing) and don’t know how to move forward with your life?
  • Have an overwhelming feeling of being stuck in one or more areas of your life and just can’t seem to communicate what you need or want?  
  • Frustrated with a job you aren’t happy in because, somewhere deep inside, you have that nagging feeling that you have a different life purpose, but don’t know exactly what that is yet?
  • Want to be more proactive and positive when facing change?
Well, here’s the good news! Epictetus, the Greek Philosopher, said it best about 100 A.D. (yes, before Facebook started!):
“It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”
I love that quote! Anyone with ‘Epic’ in the first part of his name, who still has ‘game’ after almost 2,000 years must have it right! Right?
It’s a perfect illustration that no matter how painful or uncomfortable an experience is, you always have the choice to:

 1) be willing to face change head-on and.... 

 2) learn how to come from a place of empowered, proactive action in creating the life you’ve always wanted and deserved. 

All you need is a little help and support in the right direction! 

So, ready to make lemon martini’s out of life’s lemons?  Let’s get started! 

Through my coaching and Energy Leadership Index program, I can guide and inspire you to…

  • Get clarity on the challenging 'turning point' you are currently experiencing and how it's affecting any/all aspects of your life
  • Discover the underlying energy, thought and belief patterns that are holding you back from living your best life, then show you ways to proactively and positively shift them to manifest your life goals in a more empowered way
  • Understand clearly what is and isn’t working in your life by identifying the blocks that are keeping you from your best life
  • Feel more confident about asking for what you want and how to put a plan in place to GO GET IT!

     Book a free 20-minute introduction coaching session (by phone) at my Turning Points Transitions Coaching website at  


          Deborah Moyer – 
            CPC, ELI-MP, CRTS

     Certified Transitions Life Coach &
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner


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