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 3 Part Series on
Aging-in-Place Without Remodeling:
 Equipment That Can Fill the Gaps

By Erica Sells
Harmony Home Medical
San Diego, CA. 

Part 1: Bathroom Resolutions

Aging-in-Place is a relatively new term that is being used by Baby Boomers all over the US It has become a buzzword that means to
remain living at home throughout life, as opposed to a nursing
home or other care facility. This concept is extremely popular,
over 90% of Boomers have said they would prefer to age in their
own home rather than in a facility or senior community. However,
just over 10% are actually achieving that. This is a life style choice
that must be planned in order to become a reality.

That is where the Aging-In-Place essentials of Accessible Design and Accessibility Products really take a central role. It is important to know the basic features your home must have to be able to live there safely regardless of age or physical ability.

While it is nice to remodel and achieve those features with construction is just as important to combine those upgraded living spaces with the right equipment. When necessary you can even replace those changes with equipment when circumstances don’t allow one to remodel their homes. This can be the case for either budgetary issues, structural issues, or rental issues, when you don’t own your home and are not allowed to make those changes. Let’s take a look at some of those equipment solutions in the bathroom.

The bathroom is the most important area of the home to address, as 80% of all falls happen there. So let’s look at a couple options to address a bathtub ledge:

            1.     Transfer Bench
            2.     Tub Buddy
            3.     Milford Lift
            4.     Portable Powered Bath Lift

The transfer bench is a very simple, traditional way to safely enter a tub. It provides a seat on the outside of the tub that the person can sit down on then slide over into the tub, removing the possibility of a fall. You can get these in sliding and swiveling models as well as the typical stationary model.

Next the TubBuddy makes your tub into a roll-in shower with a track that goes over your tub and allows the shower chair to connect and slide right into the tub. This allows the person to transfer safely in their room on to the rolling shower chair then push or be pushed into the bathroom to connect to the track. They are available with tilt as well if the person requires tilt. This may be the case if they have poor seated balance.

The Milford Lift is a new product to the USA that is a powered arm that lifts an individual up and over the tub ledge. It allows the swing arm to be custom built to transfer to multiple locations if necessary, like the toilet and the tub. It also has a freestanding base that can be used to attach the arm to and transfer the person bed side or anywhere you roll the base. This is a very universal and unique way to safely enter the tub.

Lastly is the portable powered bath lift. This product is a lot like
a transfer bench that has power to take the person up and down in
the tub. The lift sits inside of the tub and has adjustable “wings”
that sit on the edge of the tub and bridge the gap just like a transfer bench. So then the person slides over and uses the controller to
power themselves down into the tub and soak in that warm,
therapeutic water. Then they can safely power themselves
back up to tub’s edge and slide transfer out.
These are 4 different ways to “eliminate” the tub ledge in your home without construction. Contact Harmony Home Medical for more information.

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